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Q. What are "scalar waves" ?  


A scalar wave is a trans harmonic, standing wave array that radiates out of a static point of sound-light vibration. While scalar waves appear to move from place to place, in actuality they are fixed point of light-sound, sequentially threaded together within the cosmic fabric of the morphogenetic field. The expression of the scalar wave movement is created through the sequential “flashing on” (light) and “flashing off” (sound) of scalar wave points, which emanate the effect of a flashing linear series of light bulbs. Imagine viewing an electronic advertising billboard in Times Square, New York City. Although it appears as if the contents of the electronic billboard is moving, in reality it is the row of a synchronized series of flashing light bulbs that appears as if the light moves from one point in the row to another. 


Q. How do scalar waves differ from electromagnetic waves?


Scalar waves represent static points of eternal fission-fusion that radiate from the fabric of the morphogenetic field and do not not travel. Electromagnetic waves do travel and the farther the distance traveled, the weaker they become.


Q. What are "morphogenetic" fields?


Morphogenetic Fields are composed of conscious sound and light matrices (or lattices) that function as cosmic blueprints upon which consciousness manifests and materializes into matter. All forms of consciousness and matter hold a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint consisting of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance arranged in specific frequency patterns.


Q. What is measured with Cyberscan?


Flat coils are located in the contact platform. These have the property to reduce electrical and mainly magnetic fields to zero.  These coils also have the property to transmit energy through a physical path and this discovery can be traced back to the experimental physicist Nikola Tesla who discovered alternating current.  In CyberScan, electromagnetic oscillation (vector) is not transmitted but purely information (scalar) are. As the entire organism is represented in the reflex zones of the palm, we assume that with the information obtained from the palm, we have a sample that represents the entire organism, similar to blood or hair samples, which we can scan through the contact platform.


Q. How does the Cyberscan address physical issues?


The Cyberscan addresses them from a multi-layered approach: energetic, mental, emotional and physical. In order to affect the physical aspect of a cell, you must first address the morphogenetic field surrounding the cell. In order to re-pattern and reprogram the morphogenetic field surrounding a cell, organ, functional system or body, the energetic-mental-emotional-physical components must be addressed simultaneously. Q. What are the benefits of receiving Cyberscan sessions?


  • Reduced stress and nervousness 

  • Improved sleep and dream recall

  • Enhanced mental clarity, memory and focus

  • Reduced depression and addictions

  • Improved health conditions

  • Enhanced muscle mobility and coordination

  • Reduced aging process


Q. How many sessions will a person need?


Each session is equivalent to peeling the layers of an onion until you reach the core issue. Obviously, each person is different but it has been discovered that it takes approximately 6 sessions at two week intervals (3 months total) for the body to move into a greater state of balance. Sometimes it may take more sessions depending upon the level of imbalance in the body. Normally, it takes the immune system two weeks to assimilate and actualize the new balancing information. For people with more acute and chronic problems, weekly sessions are suggested.


Q. What does the balancing remedy and eeCard actually do?


The combination of the balancing remedy and eeCard introduces specific balancing information needed for the immune system to address the stressors and imbalances within the bio-energetic fields of the body. The balancing remedy (isotonic water) is the primary carrier of the scalar wave information being introduced to the body since we are made up of at least 70% water. The eeCard is specifically designed to neutralize and protect our bio-energetic fields from disharmonic frequencies including electrosmog, geopathic stress and radiation stemming from environmental influences. Both are optimal for stabilizing and balancing the bio-energetic fields of your body from the environment. 


Q. How are the balancing remedy and eeCard created?


At the core of the Cyberscan technology is scalar-wave information programming and storage. Through Cyberscan's proprietary technology, "information" in the form of scalar waves is programmed into the balancing remedy (isotonic water) that serves as the primary carrier for the balancing information. This same process is utilised to create the eeCard.


Q. How does the balancing remedy and eeCard work?


Since we are composed of at least 70% water, one of the most efficient ways to introduce information into the biological system is via isotonic water which has the same constituent as blood plasma. Once the isotonic water is imprinted with the balancing information, the person takes the balancing remedy orally. The eeCard's high-density magnetic stripe is structurally modified to receive and store imprinted information. When the balancing information is imprinted into the eeCard, the information is permanently vibrational stored until the eeCard is reprogrammed with new balancing information. Once imprinted, the eeCard transmits the balancing information energy pattern into the person, who becomes the "reader" of the information.  The eeCard has a variety of positive effects, depending on the specific use. 


*Cyberscan is not a diagnostic tool. It is not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure Disease or Illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,  in any way, as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment.

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